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Ignacio de la Riva

Research Lines

As a herpetologist, I am interested in taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, ecology, and life history of amphibians and reptiles in general. However, I am mostly devoted to tropical species and my research is conducted mainly in Latin America, though I have worked in other areas as well. Frogs are my major focus. Also, I am interested in theoretical aspects of taxonomy and systematics, e.g., the species concept, the gap between phylogenies and classifications, the implications of naming species or not, integrative taxonomy, etc.

I have been working in the Neotropics for more that 20 years now, and the main target of my research have been the Amazonian and Andean frogs of Bolivia and southern Peru. I am also interested in Bolivian lizards of the genus Liolaemus, which constitute a taxonomic chaos.

Of course, conservation issues cannot be forgotten. With amphibians, I am lately involved in studying the extension and impact of chytridiomycosis in Bolivia, and with reptiles I am colaborating with a large international team to assess the impact of climate warming on lizards worldwide.

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